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Pacific Warbirds Flights and Pricing No pilot certificate or experience necessary!

360° View from Pilot Seat
“Anyone who wants to know what the attack on Pearl Harbor was really like simply has to take this flight. It’s an incredible experience!”
- Thomas D. Farrell

December 7th Experience
Pearl Harbor Experience - 2 hours - $1200.00+tax

As a member of the Aviation Detachment, You will participate in a photo survey mission to assess battle damage over Pearl Harbor and other attack sites.  Unlike average aircraft rides, You are in the seat of a World War II aircraft over Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii on December 10th, 1941 three days after the devastating attack!  History comes alive during your classified intelligence briefing, the reconnaissance flight and confidential debriefing.  The experience is realistic and enlightening.  You fly in the venerable U.S. Navy SNJ (AT-6) and participate, taking the photos for the G-2 Intelligence Department during the mission.

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Silver Eagle Flight - 30 minutes - $575.00+tax

You will take the controls and experience the SNJ first hand during the Silver Eagle Flight which has an expanded flight envelope allowing more time for aerial maneuvers.  The Silver Eagle Flight will be the highlight of your Oahu travel.

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Specialty Flights

Film  / Event / Static

One of a kind WWII aircraft available for film, static and photographic assignment.  The U.S. Navy SNJ built by North American Aircraft in July 1944 is a perfect prop for film and static events.  The SNJ is fully restored in authentic pre-war USS Saratoga paint scheme and can be used as the subject or background scenery.  This National and World Record Holding aircraft has been featured at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Thunder Over the Rock, Aviation Nation, Wings over the Pacific and many other crowd-pleasing events.

Pacific Warbirds SNJ Aircraft over Oahu, 2010

Memorial Flight

Pacific Warbirds offers a Memorial Flight service for veterans and their families in recognition of the achievements and honor with which they served our country.  The Memorial Flight is offered with respect and sensitivity, yet greatly enhances any memorial observance.  The 1944 WWII SNJ airplane is an appropriate historical platform for a final salutes to all veterans especially those of the “Greatest Generation.”  Memorial Flights for Medal of Honor recipients during their services are free and donated based on availability.

Pacific Warbirds offers the preeminent and most compassionate aerial cremains disbursement platform for veterans in Hawaii.  Additionally, the disbursal of cremated remains by means of a “final flight” in a WWII airplane is fitting tribute to pilots and veterans alike.  Pacific Warbirds has performed these types of ceremonial flyovers including many “missing man” flights throughout the western U.S. for over 10 years.  Pacific Warbirds accommodates the needs of the family and coordinates with the memorial director while complying with all FAA, State and local regulations.  It is with honor and humility that Pacific Warbirds provides a tribute to the Greatest Generation; as they leave us daily in large numbers.

Pacific Warbirds has the only flying aircraft in Hawaii to see service during WWII and unmistakably represents an era of duty and sacrifice.  Please see the photo gallery and the North American SNJ tabs for detailed information on the Pacific Warbirds SNJ.

The rates are reasonable for a quality airborne tribute.  Please feel free to contact Pacific Warbirds for more information about how we may serve you, your clients, and their families.

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